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Tea Samplers

Tea Samplers


Compact collections of sample-sized teas (1/2 oz each), perfect for exploring the Lancaster Farmacy tea line before commiting to a full-sized bag.



The herbal teas found in this sample pack are not only medicinal, but also soothing to the spirit. Each flavor will create a warm & cozy feeling, so we encourage you to share a cup of tea with your loved ones! This sample set includes one each of the following teas, and comes packed together in their own convenient gift box:


- Tranquilitea 1/2oz

- Strong Heart 1/2oz

- Lifting Lemon 1/2oz



The herbal teas in this sample pack are deeply nourishing for the mind, body, and spirit. Each Nourish Tea Sampler includes one each of the following teas, and comes packed in its own convenient gift box:


- Nourishmint 1/2oz

- Totally Tulsi 1/2oz

- Cleanse 1/2oz


All teas blends are naturally caffiene free!


**This product does not intend to treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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