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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a commitment between the farmer, the land and a community of shareholders. The farmers provide the shareholders with high quality products in exchange for financial support if the form of an annual share.  This is an integral part of small-scale agriculture.  Community Supported Agriculture is a movement which rekindles the vital connection between our food and the land on which it's grown.


Lancaster Farmacy offers an Herbal Medicine Share and a weekly Flower Share.  We are a member farm of Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative; a non-profit, organic farmers' cooperative of over one hundred family farms creating a wide variety of products under the Community Supported Agriculture model. Our goods get delivered across the tri-state area everywhere from neighborhood porches to workplaces.



Lancaster Farmacy is proud to be a part of the growing Community Supported Medicine Movement and is offering the Herbal Medicine Share. 
 The Herbal Medicine share comes
quarterly and consists of 6-7 items for each season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. You will be taking your health into your own hands with these hand-crafted herbal products, which will help you prepare for seasonal ailments and illnesses, and expand your herbal medicine cabinet.

Variable with the season, you may receive items like detoxifying and digestive support
tonics, healing skin salves, freshly infused therapeutic skin oils, fresh and dried beneficial tea blends, and rejuvenating bath salts, all accompanied  by an informative web portal on uses. 


Appreciate the local beauty our flowers have to offer over the course of 17 weeks. These babies bloom right here in Lancaster County, not at an international flower auction site! Many shareholders purchase our flower share to liven up their space at home or work, or to give a loved one a weekly field bouquet of grown-next-door floral brights.
You can expect the
weekly bounty to include varieties like Echinacea, Zinnia, Celosia, Golden Rod, and many others. Elisabeth, our farmer/florist describes her floral bouquets as if she’s painting with swatches, leaves, and petals of color–fuchsia shock, young green, rich red and a not-so-mellow yellow.

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