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Community Supported Medicine

Welcome to your all-exclusive portal for everything Community-Supported Medicine! At Lancaster Farmacy, we strive not only to provide our community with the highest quality herbal medicine, but also to educate on the herbs we get to work with, and what makes them so special for each season. Our hope is that you will feel empowered to take health into your own hands, and learn about how medicinal herbs can be a part of that journey.


Spring, think awake, cleanse, and support. As the season changes from winter to warmth, our bodies are like the plants outside. We are emerging from a long winter of hibernation, limited sunshine, and limited movement. All of the sudden, when it’s time to get moving again, our bodies can get stressed, and maybe even sick. 

As we move into summer, the harvests grow more abundant, and so does the sunshine. Summer is a celebration of the Earth’s incredible bounty.  It is a time of year where we stretch the days and relish in the nourishment of the seeds we sowed in the spring. The Lancaster Farmacy kitchen crew is already working on products to help you refresh and relax into the summer season.


Lancaster Farmacy is here to support your journey through your season care. We suggest finding a place in your home you can designate for your herbal medicine products and start to grow your home apothecary. 


Enjoy in good health!

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