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Self Care Essentials

Self Care Essentials


Rejuvinate, relax, and recharge with this collection of pampering herbal goodies. The skin is the body's largest organ, and also our first line of defense against illness. Treat your skin and senses to a spa expereince with our Floral bath bomb, hydrating calendula oil, and lucious lip balm. Sip on Tranquilitea and feel any built-up tension melt away. Take a moment to yourself for a deep breath, or give this gift to a loved one!


Each Self Care Essentials bundles includes one each of the following, and comes packaged in its own convenient gift box:


- Tranquilitea 0.5oz

- Calendula Oil 2oz

- Lip Balm 0.5oz

- Floral Bath Bomb


**This product does not intend to treat, prevent, or cure any disease**

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