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Tea Time Set

Tea Time Set


The perfect gift for herbal tea lovers! This set includes one each of the following calming, uplifting and soothing teas, and comes packaged in its own gift box:


Tranquilitea 1.5oz

Ingredients: Lemon balm*, milky oat tops*, holy basil*, chamomile*, passionflower*, skullcap*, california poppy* 


Chill out! These herbs are known to calm nerves and sooth both body and mind. They help to relieve anxiety, insomnia, and stress.


Lifting Lemon 1.5oz

Ingredients: Lemongrass*, lemon balm*, lemon verbena*, rose hips*


A refreshing and uplifting blend of flavorful herbs that support healthy digestion. Enjoy the light citrusy notes and aroma.


Nourishmint 1.5oz

Ingredients: Nettles*, alfalfa*,  oatstraw*, red raspberry leaf*, mint*


These herbs are loaded with important vitamins and minerals and act like nature's pharmacy for your body! They can help build bone health and support the adrenal system.


Tea Ball (Stainless Steel, 3")

18/8 stainless steel tea ball with chain and mesh lining. Keeps loose tea leaves securely in place while brewing your favorite cup of herbal tea!


Bergamot Tea Towel (24"x24")

A handy and decorative tea towel locally screen printed with an original hand-carved, block print design by the founder of Lancaster Farmacy, Elisabeth Weaver. Flour sack towel features an artistic take on the herbs Wild Bergamot, aka Bee Balm, aka Monarda fistulosa!


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and does not intend to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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