Hydrosol Gift Set

Hydrosol Gift Set


Hydrosols, or hydrolats, are steam-distilled floral extracts that are best known for capturing the essence and scent of a particular plant or herb. Making these precious plant waters is a labor of love.

This set features one each of the following hydrosols, and comes packaged in its own gift box:


Chamomile  (2oz)

Chamomile hydrosol brings calm in distressing situations. It is great for soothing skin irritations and inflammation, and works well as a cooling agent for after-sun care. Hydrosols also make a wonderful room mist!


Lemon Verbena (2oz)

Lemon verbena hydrosol is a sweet aromatic spray and makes an ideal hydrating skin toner and aftershave. Energetically, it is thought to help build confidence, focus, and concentration. It helps to sooth and relax, and makes a great refreshing room spray.


Rose Geranium (2oz)

Rose geranium is often called the "best friend of the skin". Its aroma alone is something to cherish, and is considered to be regenerative for aging skin cells, balancing for both oily and dry skin, and anti-inflammatory.


Spruce (2oz)

Spruce hydrosol can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory for aches and pains, and works on the respiratory system as a decongestant. Its energetic use is for protection and grounding. Spruce hydrosol also makes a wonderful room mist.


These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not intend to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.